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Refero provides a platform of engagement across public services via video and voice technology.

Refero’s technology helps patients better communicate with clinicians and enables students to get the mental and physical support they need from their GP.

It provides a platform of engagement for vulnerable children and adults, connecting them with their support networks via an app.

Refero aims to provide better health and social care outcomes for citizen while easing the strain on public service providers.

IHM Event: GameChanger with St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust

Dan Worman

Executive Director at Cinos & CEO of Refero

On November 13th, 2019 the Institute of Healthcare Management delivered their latest GameChanger event at St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust. The event explored the Trust’s sensational approach of harnessing novel telehealth systems to drive major efficiencies.

Dan Worman, Executive Director at Cinos and CEO of Refero sat on a panel which included the St Helens & Knowsley management team, technology supplier Cisco and the incisive Roy Lilley in the chair.

From slashing outpatient no shows in stroke rehabilitation to dramatically reducing community nurse travel miles, the panel discussed how Refero has delivered major efficiencies and the wider implications this has for other NHS Trusts.

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Refero – the technology that connects patients, clinicians and systems together

Refero’s platform of engagement is based on software and communication solutions which provides customers with ways to connect existing health and social care systems together. They create better ways for information to flow between clinicians and the people who need their help and support.

Refero joins the dots and fills in the white space between the software and systems that health and social care currently uses – such as Systems of Record, EPR and PAS – without destabilising their integrity. It enables information from these systems to digitally flow between clinicians and social care professionals. They can then make stronger, more informed care pathway decisions for the benefit of patients.

Refero also establishes video, chat, and voice communication channels for patients and professionals which create more choice on how they can connect.

Refero – the technology that connects patients, clinicians and systems together

At Refero we make it easy for everyone to embrace change, whatever else happens. We allow people to freely access a secure platform of engagement. We knit the right expertise together.
Ian Newell

Commercial Director

What Refero can offer you:

Refero - Video and telephone consultations

Video and telephone

Refero - Safe Messaging System

Secure messaging

Refero - Intuitive AI Assitance

Intuitive AI

Refero - Safe and easy to use

Safe & easy
to use

Refero - Better care pathway coordination

One to many

Refero - Self help and sympton checkers

Self help &
symptoms checkers

Our Sectors of Expertise

Refero provides a platform of engagement and collaboration across public services via video and voice technology.

It is the digital connectivity behind better engagement between healthcare provider and client, bridging the gaps between health and social care providers, and between healthcare and education – joining the dots using digital and video technology.

Refero in Primary Care

Primary Care

Refero’s Primary care solutions support the NHS long term plan to bring patients and professionals…

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Refero in Secondary Care

Secondary Care

Refero believes that true digital care should bring physical and mental benefits to the patient and…

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Refero in Social Care

Social Care

The NHS long-term plan cannot be delivered without local authority social care and public health…

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Refero in Mental Health

Mental Health

The NHS long-term plan commits to putting mental health care on level footing with physical health…

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Refero in Higher Education

Higher Education

The NHS long-term plan centres around a shift toward shared responsibility for health, with a…

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Our secure, highly scalable NHS approved system increases engagement between provider and citizen. It is simply accessed online via a web portal or smartphone and tablet applications, across any legacy systems you may have.

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