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What is Refero?

Improving people’s lives and their experience of care lies at the heart of health and social care.

Technology will never replace this care but it has been clearly identified that it can improve the citizen experience, unlock more time for care and speed up the adoption of new and innovative service models.

However, in a time of massive financial challenges and with ever increasing demands for care, any change can be disruptive, even if it may deliver better outcomes.

We must all learn to embrace change.
We are all citizens. We all care. We are or will be patients. Refero has been built to reflect this reality.

Refero is a service with a simple mission – leverage technology to provide people with convenient, easy-to-use, online access to public and private sector services. Refero’s purpose lives in the ability to connect people to experts and expertise, to help in an appropriate and timely manner.

Our vision is that Refero becomes a de facto service for citizens to obtain online access to expertise across the public sector, charities and commercial entities.

Refero Messenger

Refero for Primary Care

At Refero we have years of experience at the frontline of health and social care. This has driven us to develop a platform to assist in delivering this care in more efficient and effective ways. To achieve this Refero must be intuitive and easy to use by everyone. It needs to unlock time for care to be delivered in the most appropriate way, without adding to the costs of the system.

Refero is designed and built on these foundations. The core service is completely free at the point of care. There is no ongoing operational cost to the NHS, CCGs or GP practices. It supports online consultations and signposting to the most relevant information and services for each patient.

Refero is intuitive and easy to use; whether you are a patient, front line carer or work in the back office. It can be tested and rolled out at a pace and scale to suit you.

Once adopted, we are confident you will see the benefits. It can unlock more time to care, personalised to the individual needs of the patient. It allows GP practices to embrace modern technology while enabling a greater level of engagement and self-care for patients. Furthermore, Refero provides the foundation for enhanced collaboration and coordination across patient pathways for multi-disciplinary teams.

The service is modular and based on a common look and feel. It can be accessed online via a web portal or through smartphone and tablet applications.

All messaging services are compliant with the NHS England Online Consultations Specification and free at the point of delivery.