//Disrupt rather than destabilise citizen and public sector engagement

Disrupt rather than destabilise citizen and public sector engagement

Refero in Raconteur's Public Sector Technology from The Times

Disrupt rather than destabilise
citizen and public sector engagement

It is widely known and accepted, for public sector services to be able to deliver better outcomes for citizens, patients and students they will need to be better integrated.

Just last week (24/8/18) the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care flagged the lack of national interoperability standards, after he had shadowed front-line staff during an overnight shift.

He was struck by technology, “or lack of it”.

Hancock said: “I was already motivated to improve the IT of the NHS – but boy! Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is one of the better trusts for IT, but even there is so far to go.”

“And it was through no fault of their own – but rather the lack of national interoperability standards means systems just can’t talk to each other, so people are forced to revert to pen and paper.”

“Staff were hindered by IT in a way that we simply wouldn’t accept in any other organisation in the 21st century.”

Public Sector Technology – Racontuer – The Times

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At Refero, we believe we have solved a critical part of this problem. We have created a secure, NHS approved platform of engagement which sits above the often fragmented systems of record used by public sector organisations today.

The Refero platform enables better integrated communication and collaboration across public services between end users- from citizen to public sector service provider.

It can deliver huge gains in effectiveness and efficiency. And most importantly, the core platform licence is free at all times – once linked to an appropriate organisation, it can be made available for end users to test and try out. We passionately believe that money should be properly focused on adoption of new ways of working.

Our overarching mission is a simple one – leverage technology to provide people with convenient, easy-to-use, online access to public and private sector services.

Our purpose will live and grow through enabling people to connect to right experts and expertise, who can provide help, advice and guidance.

This needs things to be done in an appropriate and timely manner, based on the right information being available for discussion between the right people. It needs to be secure and auditable. Refero meets these requirements.

With a strong pedigree and background in healthcare technology and communication/collaboration, Refero is uniquely positioned to understand and solve the some of the problems public sector service providers face.

We enable teams to create simple, yet transformative digital solutions to solve these challenges We know they are not simple and straightforward, but Refero is.

Our objective is to provide better citizen outcomes whilst easing the strain on the service providers. Disrupt ways of working. Don’t destabilise the legacy infrastructure.

Our technology has reduced Did Not Attend (DNA) rates for outpatient appointments by 60% while giving back up to six hours of clinical time per clinician, per day.

In education, we provide the ability for students to engage online where health and wellbeing support is needed most.

We are all citizens. We all care. We are or will be patients. Refero has been built to reflect this reality.

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September 10th, 2018|
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