//What can Refero Do?

What can Refero Do?

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What can Refero do?

The Refero service enables citizens to access services in quick and convenient means appropriate to them, either via an Internet browser or app installed on a smartphone or tablet device. For those who do not have reliable access to the Internet or a smartphone, we offer telephone or text message as a means of access too.

For primary care (doctor’s surgeries) in the UK for example, patients can send a query to their local (registered) GP practice from the Refero website or app for themselves or on behalf of a family member. This query is then reviewed, alongside answers to a small number of questions, by the patient’s local practice.

After receiving and reviewing the query the practice may then respond with an answer, call the patient back or schedule an appointment – either via video or at the practice. Furthermore, Refero provides clear and simple to use access to self-help and self-care information based on common symptoms, as well as signposting to potentially more local and convenient services based on the patient’s need.

Refero helps with both long-term condition and appointment management too. Our app, with your permission, can share information from health apps and wearable devices with your provider. This provides a previously unavailable insight and trend information which may considerably contribute to your care.

For appointments, we provide you with an easy to use schedule which allows you to make, change or cancel appointments with ease. This covers any change of circumstance you may encounter as well as freeing up appointments for others who may be in need.

For you, the patient, Refero gives you access to an always open source of approved information as well as offering guidance on more accessible or convenient services based on your personal needs. GP practices benefit by being more informed on patient requirements; enabling the correct allocation of available resources, which, in turn, allows the local doctor to spend more time on complex patient needs which require their expertise.

Our service to you is to provide a single point of easy access, wherever and whenever you need help from the people you trust to give you advice.

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How does Refero do this?

Refero partners with leading and innovative technology companies to deliver and enhance our services. Our partnership with IBM enables us to leverage IBM Watson, a question answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. This enables you to ask questions as you would in general conversation. Looking at the questions you ask and the responses you give, Refero is able to provide accurate and concise information at any time. If you feel at any point you would prefer a specialist reviews your request, it is immediately sent to your provider (such as your doctor) to review and respond.

We partner with Cisco, the global leader in voice and video communication technology, to provide easy and flexible access to services. If appropriate to your need, Refero offers easy to use and secure video consultations with your service provider, at a time and location convenient to you, without the need to travel.