Refero Modules

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What are the Refero Modules?

Refero is a flexible service, built on Refero Core and consisting of a number of modules which may operate independently or work together.

Refero Modules

Refero Core

  • Refero Core sits at the heart of our service, underpinning delivery of clinical and patient facing services. It provides integration and interoperability with GP System of Choice and Electronic Patient Record systems.

  • The Refero service for UK health and social care is based wholly in the United Kingdom upon a platform optimised for OFFICIAL data and fully aligned to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) 14 Cloud Security Principles.


  • Messenger enables patients to send a message to their registered practice, receive a reply and if appropriate, escalate to call back, appointment or prescription.

  • It delivers upon the core requirements of NHS England’s GP Forward View Online Consultation specification.

  • Messenger integrates with existing workflows and has built-in triage capability. Queries can be assigned to the most appropriate person, freeing up time for GP’s to focus on more complex needs.

  • Triage can be delivered through predefined questions and answers. These can be fully customised to all service requirements.


  • Based upon patient needs, tiers of consultation with varying levels of intervention can be mapped out. These can be assigned to the most appropriate practice team member, enabling GPs to focus on more complex needs:

  • A ‘call back’ based upon triage of an inbound contact from a patient

  • A potential visit from a community team or service

  • A telephone or video consultation

  • A traditional face to face appointment

  • Refero fully supports the triage of inbound contact; enabling the right level of care for the patient and the best utilisation of clinical resource.

  • Telephone or video calls are straightforward. Messaging may be simply escalated to video if appropriate or a video consultation appointment arranged.

  • The video consultation is handled within the Refero portal or app. There is no requirement for IT expertise or downloading of plugins or additional applications at either patient or clinician side.

  • This is powered by Cisco, a global leader in video communication innovation.

  • It is possible to make further use of content and context discussed within telephone or video consultations, leveraging Refero Analytics. Wider contextual analytics can be performed for deeper understanding of complex conditions. Content may be automatically transcribed, saving administrative time.


  • Refero enables patient self-help and symptoms checking, drawing upon pre-existing, trustworthy and maintained content from NHS Choices. Self-help and symptoms checking is delivered through text-based search which can be augmented with natural language conversation, powered by Refero AI.

  • Signposting empowers patients with advice and guidance on whether the attention they require might be better sought elsewhere, utilising information from local healthcare and support services from existing NHS directories.

Refero AI

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver cognitive and engaging conversations between patients and care services.

  • Refero AI is an option to achieve more effective and efficient inbound contact from patients using Messenger. It provides natural language conversation to support answering common questions such as opening times, directions and contact numbers. It can also be applied to the triage workflow through customisable algorithms, to direct the patient to the most appropriate resources to address their need.

  • AI may also bring significant benefit to symptoms checking and signposting to other local health and social care services – by applying natural language conversation rather than traditional text-based search to provide for guidance and self-care.

  • Refero Artificial Intelligence for Health and Social care is powered by IBM Watson Health which uses natural language capabilities, hypothesis generation, and evidence-based learning to support medical professionals as they make decisions.

Refero Analytics

  • As standard, Refero provides reporting functionality which meets the GP Forward View Online Consultation specification.

  • Refero Analytics extends this capability further. It will perform analysis of information contained within and exchanged between any Refero modules.