The Refero Way

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The Refero Way

Our Approach

Our ethos is to enable the UK health and social care system to deliver new and efficient models for the delivery of care. Refero is completely free for patients to use and our messaging services are compliant with the NHS England Online Consultations Specification. This means Refero is safe for GPs to use and there is no ongoing operational cost to CCGs or GP practices.

Refero Messenger


Refero requires no additional software to be implemented within the practice. The entire service is delivered through common and supportable Internet browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, all without the need to install additional plugins.

Our service is securely delivered to practices and care providers over the legacy NHS N3 network and the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), as it is transitioned to by practices. The core service is delivered from multiple UK data centres, operated by our infrastructure partner, UKCloud.

Our delivery model is designed to ensure that once in place, Refero functions as expected for both patients and practices. Initial engagements will understand and capture the current state and where time to care can be released. This will be carried out by healthcare focused subject matter experts. This stage will identify the potential benefits associated with both essential and non-essential functions.

Each step, from service delivery to end user adoption, is managed by appropriate subject matter experts. Comprehensive training is provided to practice staff, fully supported by knowledge base information.

Once implemented, Refero simply gets added as an icon to the existing practice website, with practice branding then flowing through the remainder of the public facing Refero services. Our team will fully support practices with marketing and collateral, in addition to running our own campaigns to raise awareness of Refero.

User adoption is key, and we fully support how to use Refero for practices and patients.